This is a survey course of the American Capitalistic system in terms of production of goods and services; economic aspects of government; and saving and investing.  The point of view of the course is based upon economics as the study of the way people attempt to make a living within the rules called an economic system.

This course in American government emphasizes the structure and functions of federal, state and local government.  The student's role in a democracy is determined through relationships with citizenship, political parties, elections, interest groups and public opinion.  The state-required examination in American government and citizenship also forms part of the course requirement.

This course is a one year requirement by all Freshman with a focus on Global World Studies through historical Eras. In this course, 9th grade students study about people, places and events in different parts of the world. 

Main Goals: 

  1. Learn about the history of major world regions (Asia, Africa, Europe, India, and the Americas)
  2. Integrate the use of technology and student learning through the use of educational programs 
  3. Gain a better understanding of world issues and problems 

This course focuses on students personal social development with goals of producing students who can envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating. 

- Enter to Learn - Depart to Serve -